Email marketing

Consumers prefer email for marketing communications more than 3-to-1. And in today’s era of the real-time web, consumer expectations for relevant, engaging, and timely messages have only increased. With an average of 16,000 Tweets, 340,000 Google searches, and 27,000 Facebook posts per second, today’s consumers demand relevant email – in real time. Regardless of your organization’s size, industry, or resource limitations, IMS can help you create and deliver personalized, targeted messages to your subscribers that will drive engagement and Business.


Maximize Your Marketing ROI

  • Email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than a traditional media
  • For only a few pennies, email can drive traffic to your storefront or website
  • It’s 6 to 12 times less expensive to sell to an existing customer than to a new one
  • Increased Customer Loyalty & Profitability


Deeper relationships drive profitability

  • Easy and inexpensive way of establishing early and long-lasting relationships
  • Send newsletters, promotions, new service announcements or event invitations
  • More Sales Conversions


Gently lead a prospect through the sales process, provide important data and drive the prospect to your website.

  • Email marketing allows you to communicate at Internet speed.
  • Campaign response generally occurs within 48 hours
  • Improved Tracking & Feedback


Most types of marketing and advertising are difficult to measure.

  • With email, everything can be tracked.
  • See who clicked on certain links and much more!
  • Get valuable feedback as you strive to grow your business.


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